Searching for a way..

So I found out last night before leaving work that I am actually ahead of schedule. Work wise at least, Invoicing doesn’t start until Friday. What does this mean? Well, it gives me a little time to procrastinate and do some work on here. I have 2 goals for today.

1 – Find more Friends. The reason that I hoped onto here was because I noticed how the heck many people I knew who were doing this so I’m going to go around adding them to my friend’s list. If you’ve noticed yourself added and sneak by, consider this your “Hello Friend” message.

2 – Put up my OGL. One of the things I thought I’d do on here is post up some of my gaming project stuff. Being the big geek that I am, I’d like to do it in some sort of official manner. So what I’m going to do is write up a page for the Open Gaming Licence and my various copyrights for me and those that I am using. For those of you with no idea of what I’m talking about: and
should provide you with enough information to start at least.