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Last year I had fully intended to write about my DC Gameday experience. I had 5 posts created one for each of the games I played plus an overview post. It was perhaps a little too ambitious of me and in the end I don’t think I posted any of it. This year I’m going to be briefer.

Location and Time: As always thanks go to our fabulous hosts who manage each time to secure a great space down by Union Station. In the fall it is two whole days of gaming. Two sessions per day four hours per session.

What I played: When not running a game I try to get into either game with systems I’ve never played¬†before or sequels to adventures I’ve played before. This time the rundown was

  • Sat AM – Sand and Steam using FATE system
  • Sat PM – WW II Weird Wars using Savage World
  • Sun AM – Conanesque Future World using FantasyCraft
  • Sun PM – Survivor Superheros using Smallville

Sand and Steam was my favorite game of the weekend. I’d been working on some ideas of modifying how I play or playing the way I play more intensely. Either way FATE, especially a high supernatural variation of FATE, was just what I wanted to experience. In particular the GM’s little tricks for working the FATE system made a lot of sense and will be stolen. As for the game itself, imagine Hogwarts crossed with the Wizards of the Red Robes plus a dash of Hentai. My character was a shaper. I was doing pretty good with the stone shaping stuff and I’d decided he was half efreeti which worked out pretty cool. All was going well until I tried to reshape a portal. Bad high magic stuff that ended up biting me hard and frying out my soul. I spent most of the final encounter cowering timidly. Hopefully he gets over that complication by second semester. You can read more about the game here.

Weird Wars sounded like it was going to a lot of fun. Soldiers blasting nazis, zombies, and norse trolls didn’t have a lot of room for being bad. Up until it turned into a military tactics game. I’m sure that it probably appealed to some of the other players but I can’t keep gun stats in my head particularly not from a specific time period. Just tell me I’m carrying a rifle and that I’m good with one specific type of rifle. After that my eyes started to cross.

Dinner was fun. I quasi deliberately end up sitting down with people I don’t know. It is fun to get to know different people and to see what games they played. This time around we went to a place called the Dubliner. Normally we’d do Capitol City Brewery but that seems to be closed either permanently or for renovation. The Dubliner people were very nice to accommodate us all and the food was pretty good.

Thralls of the Necromancer is a game I’ve played before. In the last adventure we managed to keep the empress from coming back to life but were captured by the Necromancer who was going to bring her to back to undeath. This time around one of the sub-necromancers was hot for some girl so we needed to bring her to him and he’d de-thrall us. The game was notable for my dice being really hot and cold. I sucked it up in combat proving to be near useless. Out of combat the dice were on re and I had a great string of infiltration and charisma rolls to get the girl to come with us peacably. And then we got into combat again and I couldn’t hit the broad side of an aircraft carrier. I did get in a final blow on one of the high ranking necromancers. Wonder where our brave warriors will end up next.

Smallville is one of those systems I’d been meaning/hoping to try out for a while. I found that I really enjoyed the character creation system. It was fun and complex. It was extra good being able to do this as part of a group because I’ve been reading that chapter of the Smallville PDF and was just unable to wrap my head around it.

My biggest problem with the game was one of the players. Just something about him rubbed me the wrong way. He was enthusiastic in all the wrong ways. It drifted towards being a rules lawyer but there was other stuff. I don’t know. I got the impression there was something about me that bothered him too so who knows. My experience with those sorts of things is that we were probably too similar. I’d like to play it again I think just to compare with this experience. There are always ways to game systems. There are always ways but I was dissatisfied with the ending where we just sort of nova’d the final critter as a final maneuver. It vaguely reminded me of the old days of Vampire Larping where everyone would hold onto their resources until the very end of the game and then blow it all. As with many systems lately¬†I’ve been finding difficulties with managing the point economies.

All in all definitely a fun learning experience with all four games.

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