Revised Comic Pull List

TinyTitansToday I went to the Comic book store. I hadn’t gone since before the holidays so there was quite a stack. It also illustrated that my pull list had gotten a little out of control. So I reduced.

I’m not sure I had a strict plan as to what I was going to remove and what I was going to keep but it turns out I was keeping to an urban fantasy vibe.

Here’s the new list. Non-Monthly:

  • Empowered – Next Graphic novel doesn’t come out until June of 2012.
  • Umbrella Academy – No one knows when we should expect Hotel Oblivion to come out. Monthlys:
  • Angel & Faith – I made another post on this.
  • Animal Man – The surprise hit of the new 52.
  • Batman: Brave and the Bold – For Caleb.
  • Batwoman – Artsy Fartsy Batman in girl form
  • Cartoon Network Action Pack – For Caleb
  • Demon Knights – Like the Dungeons and Dragons comic.. see below.
  • Dungeons and Dragons – The single best comic I’m reading.
  • Justice League Dark – Magic and Mystery
  • Resurrection Man – Basically ever RPG character I’ve ever played.
  • Supernatural – From the TV Show.
  • Tiny Titans – For Caleb
  • Wonder Woman – The Queen of Superheros in a horror book.