The Syncronocity of Dream

DreamThe dream eaters come from Dream. When mortals sleep they dream. Just because the two share a name, don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re the same. Just because the two are different don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re unconnected. Especially don’t make the mistake of assuming that either of them are in anyway made up or imaginary. Mount Olympus was very much the home of the gods for a time, as was Asgard, as was Oz. OK, not the last one. It was never safe enough to be considered a home. Don’t make the mistake of thinking anything you to in dream will ever be private. The two share a name for a reason and events in one have the tendency to exist in the other. Someone has a dream about the time you tricked a particularly insane queen of the dream eaters and then writes a book about it. Next thing you know everyone is buying that book up because it resonates with a dream they once had. It goes the other way as well. Robotic monsters and enlarged viruses that would put even mild hypochondriacs into a tizzy of hand washing manage to find their way out of Dream more and more often. That’s not to say the connection is all bad. Vampires have seen a marked personality shift in recent years, sliding from truly horrid monsters to dream guides and even guardian angels in recent years. Yeah, not every creature that lives in Dream is a dream eater per-se though most live under the influence of powerful dream eaters and will do what they need to to survive. If you manage to befriend one, all the more power to you.