A walk on the dark side

A while back I wrote a piece of erotica for an anthology. I was very proud of the piece but ultimately it was rejected. I still have it but was kind of at a loss for what to do with it.

At the time that I was writing the story I was having my fantasies of grandure, making a full series with those same characters showing up in different roles. The idea is inspired by the ‘Bikini’ series of softcore films they show on late night cable where it is the same set of actors in each film but playing different roles in each movie.

With multiple roles in mind, I’m going to need ‘actors’ with flexible names.

Male Names

  • Robert – Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobby, Bert, Rober (for Fantasy settings)
  • Alexander – Alex, Al, Lex, Xander, Xan
  • Leonard – Leo, Len, Leon, Nard
  • Charles – Chuck, Charlie, Chaz
  • Michael – Mike, Mick, Mickey, Kale

Female Names

  • Christina – Chris, Christie, Chrissie, Tina
  • Elizabeth – Liz, Eliza, Beth
  • Suzanne – Sue, Suzie, Anne
  • Rosalyn – Rose, Rosa, Lynn, Roz
  • Marisol – Marisa, Mari, Sol
  • Victoria – Vicki, Tori, Toria

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