Bike 2: Bike Harder

It needs a flower basket.
It needs a flower basket.

Via the grapevine, word got out that I’d lost my bike (read: Some scumbag stole it) and it turns out that my wife’s mother’s sister’s husband has taken to fixing up old bikes as a means of meditation.

So this is my new bike in all of its unisex purple glory. For the light coating of rust it is in great shape and surprisingly solid. The seat is especially solid and makes me feel a little guilty for that cushy commuter seat I had before. Now it is time to toughen up. Also the drop from 21 to 10 speeds apparently means less relying on gears and more on just peddling harder.

In the growing paranoia that comes with being a victim, I’ve purchased a better lock and changed my route so that I am now parking on the NIH campus instead of out on the street where anyone can just wander. Also there is the rust thing which I hope will help.

The important thing is that I’m still riding and getting into better and better shape. Weight? Hopefully that will take care of itself over time.

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