Demon Knights #12

I have not in fact read Demon Knights #12 but it is on my pull list for today. I’ve been reading this one ever since DC Comics rebooted their universe last year. Being as it is number 12, at one comic per month, this will in fact be a full year of reading the comic.

Demon Knights is a comic that straddles the Fantasy/Superhero line. Many of the main characters are immortal characters who are active in the modern day comics though not necessarily ‘Heroes’. Vandal Savage is a major villain in fact though back in the ancient days he plays the roll of party barbarian.

Other members of the group include the demon Etrigan and his host Jason Blood. Lady Xanadu is the group’s magic user though in modern times she is mostly a blind tarot reader who helps and manipulates other heroes. I think my favorite is the exiled Amazon who certainly calls to mind the history of Wonder Woman but otherwise remains a mystery.

There are other characters and it is cool to watch them fighting dinosaurs in a land that is steeped with Aurthurian mythos. We in fact have just recently met Arthur himself and I expect #12 will involve a battle with Morgan le Fay.

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