My and my Bike

My Bike at the Rack
My Bike at the Rack

About a month ago I went and purchased myself a bicycle. Nothing fancy, just a bottom of the line hybrid for commuting.

I tell people that I’m biking… then I have to say cycling so they don’t think I’m on a motorcycle and then I have to emphasize that I’m just riding from my home in the DC suburbs to the nearest metro station. That’s about 3.5 miles each way.

I’m lucky enough to live in an area where there 4 different metro stops all with a 5(ish) mile radius of my home. This allows me to do the easy ride on days where I’m not feeling it and to push myself a little harder. Today was a push day which meant taking the hillier roads.

Occassionally people will flatter me by assuming I’m doing the full 14 mile ride into down town. I let them know that while I could probably handle the down hill path into the city in the morning, my 6’1″, 260 lb body is a pain to haul back up that hill.

But I’m exercising right? While I can definitely feel the increased stamina and even see some gains in muscle tone, the moment my activity level went up so did my appetite. While I’d like to pretend all that weight is muscle gain, I’d just be fooling myself.

That said, it has been a month and the hills are getting easier to navigate. It may be time to look into the next furthest metro station. Time to push myself a little harder.