On to Superheroics

For me… and this may just be my perspective as someone who has done a lot of superhero gaming over the years…. one of the coolest things about superhero universes is how the main team(Avengers and Justice Leage specifically) interacts with the rest of the world.

Tony Stark/Ironman is a prime example. He is at the forefront of Technology in the Marvel Universe and he sets the tone for all other Armored warriors. Half of all tech based villians have stolen Stark tech in their gear. Batman, who would be the closest analogy in the DC Universe tells a different story. The boy who lost his parents creates a family of his own… and thus the hundred and one heros who fall under the BatUmbrella.

There are similar comparisons that can be made between Superman and Spiderman, both of whom have bad guys that use modifications of their powers… Zod for Superman and Venom for Spiderman.

A GM running a superhero game has more difficulty running out of the can style games than a fantasy GM because in Fantasy you are assumed to have a Fighter, Rogue, Cleric and Wizard. In a supers game the archetypes are more varied. In fact Vigilance Press just finished up publishing a 4 book set of just personality/story archetypes. A GM is in much better shape pulling adventure ideas from the PCs backstories and goals.

This brings to mind the Apocalypse World game. I’ve never played it personally but from listening to podcasts it really plays with thisĀ  idea. For example if you are playing a ‘road warrior’ type who specializes in driving through the post apocalyptian wastelands then you just added a road network and road based threats to your world where they might not have existed before.

Things to think about.

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