The Male Human Fighter/Leader is an archetype that is pretty much as old as dirt but that has evolved as time goes on. Early on you were looking at someone like Conan who was good with a sword and good at glaring. Tolkien had Aragorn whose skills were that of a woodsman but with somemagical influence.

The Video game influence has seen more of the Jack of all trades aspects come to the front. When you have a generic hero for the player to take on you make him basic but then allow for customization. Quest for Glory was one of my favorites where you could make the PC a fighter, mage, or thief or some variety of the three with the right training.

Captain America has helped define the role of the charismatic leader’s role in combat. In a world with God level strength and super tech weapons, how does a guy with a shield become the number one superhero? Force of personality. You talk people up to themselves, give them tactics… inspire.

So the typical Male Human Party-Leader is essentially a Bard. Just replace the musical instrument with some sort of oratory skill/inspirational banner (Put it on a shield) and replace the Monster Lore with some kind of tactics skill and you’re all set.

I wonder if Pathfinder has an Archetype for that.