Tanglin’ Pangolin

Tanglin' Pangolin
Tanglin’ Pangolin

My son has started kindergarten and other than asking once or twice when he’s going to be going back tto his ‘real school’ things have been going pretty well.

One of the big changes has been the homework. This has basically consisted of us reading him a story which we were doing anyway. In order to get him into the idea of doing homework we’ve been doing the story separate from bedtime and then having an activity as part of it.

When we’re rushed, the activity has mostly just involved a conversation about the plot and characters. We have been doing well having him draw a picture about the story. This is probably just vanity on our parts but I like seeing him draw because his art has improved significantly just since starting kindergarten.

I’m not going to say he suddenly became a better artist, more that he suddenly started paying attention to the details. He’s more focused when he makes his pictures now.

Last night we read Rolly Polly Pangolin which is a nice little story with a moral about not being so scared to try new things. I love pangolins and I think my enthusiasm helped him get into the story more.

Why do I love Pangolins? It all started with a toy called ‘Battle Beasts’. It was a fun little rock/paper/scissors toy with heat activated symbols… like transformers. Apparently they were related to transformers in japan, being called Beastformers there and even featuring in one of the japanese only episodes. I admit my knowledge of what happened as Transformers Generation 1 wound down is a little incomplete.

Anyway, my favorite Battle Beast was Tanglin’ Pangolin… he had scale armor and a big metal claw and he wasn’t a lizard. I had a big book of animals (because no wikipedia) that had pangolin pictures. I’m pretty sure I even rolled up a Pangolin using the TMNT and other strangeness rules.

We didn’t do any of that stuff. Instead I brought up YouTube so we could watch a little baby pangolin eating ants. He then drew a lovely picture of several pangolin hanging out, one of them literally hanging by his tongue… plus some snakes because he and grammie had seen a black rat snake earlier in the day.