DC Gameday Fall 2012 Recap

I really enjoy DC Gameday and after having missed the spring edition, I was really looking forward to it this time around. I was only going to be able to do Saturday so I made the decission not to try and run this time around.

The crowd seemed a little smaller than usual and there were friends who were conspiciously absent but it was great seeing the people who were there and the organizers always do it up right so no complaints there.

First game of the day was a Star Wars game using the Beta rules out by fantasy flight games. At first I felt really intimidated by the funny dice that get used but the learning curve on those was really shallow and the game picked up speed quickly. I was struck by the initiative system which seemed built for allowing the best guy for the job always go. This seemed like it highly discourage jack of all trades style characters as you’d always want to be best at something hoping that your time to shine will come along. Otherwise I really liked the system of Success/Failure along side Advantage/Disadvantage. It made for a deeper dimension of outcomes.

My afternoon game was Marvel Heroic Roleplaying which I’d been itching to try since it came out. I had the added bonus of getting to play with the developer which I didn’t know until getting to the table. I was completely unfamiliar with the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe so this was a learning experience in more ways than one.

We had a slightly late arrival who at played before and at first struck me as a know it all. Turned out he was an amazing roleplayer, and did a fabulous job ofv bringing the character of Mantis to life. I don’t know the character but I have a pretty clear picture of the character he was playing at least.

The character I played was named Groot. Plant based brick is something I knew so I went with it. You’d be surprised how much inflection you can get into the phrase ‘I am Groot’. I really shouldn’t have traded out that Milestone. In the end, we didn’t save the planet but we did save the people who lived on it. I even got to briefly touch the mind of Gallactus.

All in all it was a fun day. Hope everyone else enjoyed themselves too.