Walking Eye Response

Been working my way back through the stack of Walking Eye Podcasts and I had a lot to say about the first five minutes of this podcast. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, back to work.

Finally caught up. This is my last podcast from you guys that is sitting in my “to be listened to” queue.

Just wanted to throw out some know-it-all nerdity. The MURPG game was published by Marvel but designed by QED Games who’s big game up to that point was a card based civil war wargame. The game was not great as released and took a lot of flack because it was basically built in such a way that it made Wolverine based builds the only option. Even Spiderman had a healing factor because of that. The fan community did a wonderful job of patching the game but Rules as Written, not so much.

Back in 98 or 99 I happened to be dating the con chair for a small sci-fi convention in Mass. Guest of honor was Margaret Weis. I fanboyed quite a bit despite trying to hide it. In a slow moment in her schedule, I was dragged down to the gopher room (out of the TMNT game I was playing) where I got about an hour of one of one gaming talk with the woman herself. Loved it.

We talked about Dragonlance (she signed my 1st ed Dragonlance Adventures) and how I (at the time) thought that the Darksword RPG would have made a good superhero game. But the big thing on her mind was the new game system they were working on for her Sovereign Stone setting. It sounded really cool when she was describing it though I never got around to playing it.

They later released a version of Sovereign Stone that was d20 based because it was early 2000 but I believe Sovereign Stone was the first Cortex (Cortex Classic?) game to have come out.

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