Taking Advice from my Son


Over the weekend I was explaining to my 5 year old son that my character had died and now I needed to make a new one. He of course thought this was endlessly amusing because to his mind it is like loosing a life in a video game.

Ha ha, Daddy fell down the hole.

Such is my life.

Always curious what his opinion is on various matters, I asked him what my next character should be.


I’m not sure why I would have expected anything different. The answer should have been obvious. Cue the montage of me explaining that my new character had to be in a different genre. He still isn’t entirely clear why Superman wasn’t in the Hobbit. The trailer came on right before the movie after all. I needed a character who was more like the characters from the Lord of the Rings lego video game or the Hobbit movie. He has only seen the Hobbit so far. We’re still working our way through Star Wars after all.

After some deliberation and me explaining that I didn’t want to play another ‘Bow and Arrow guy’, he decided that I needed to play a

‘hobbit who can turn invisible…’

and potentially through around poison or electricity. Always down for some character creation, I fired up HeroLab to see what I could pull off.

My quest started with a search through the Pathfinder SRD to see which classes could cast Invisibility. After a little poking around, I settled on the Magus for the Martial proficiency necessary to wield the Halfling Staff-sling. I also thought about an Alchemist but the rules on tossing around alchemist items with a staff-sling seemed a little suspect. The Myrmidarch archetype stood out for its ability to use the Magus’ arcane pool to enhance ranged weapons. And to cap it all off: Invisibility in the spell book.

Fast forward through some jiggery pokery and I have this little guy: Indigo Flameblossom who’s main shtick is that he can hurl flaming balls of spell infused metal around 80 feet to great effect.

Crap. I made Mario.


    1. Not sure if he’ll be my final character… but it is tempting just to have a halfling in the party. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game that had a halfling PC before.

      1. We had a halfling and a gnome in our Pathfinder group, and have often had halfling PCs

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