Frost makes his Debut


As I had previously mentioned, my the dwarven archer that I’d been playing in the Carrion Crown adventure path bit the dust. Rather than dying gallantly at the hands of undead monstrosities, he fell to clubs and pitch forks of a bunch of angry villagers looking to blame Frankenstein’s Monster for all of their troubles. I found it rather fitting and decided not to have him resurrected as it rather strongly emphasized how horrible the people of this region are with but a few exceptions.

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This weekend I took my new character out for a spin. From a plot perspective, it was significantly less awkward to get him into the fray. At this point in the adventure, the PCs were still under the influence of a mentor so it didn’t take much work to say that the mentor had asked my character to help them out. The timing on this was pretty good because that patronage came to an end about half way into the session when we as a group received our payment. There were a few initial moments of mistrust but otherwise it worked out pretty well. The only real concern I have on that is that the player of the other elf in the group was not in and I’m not entirely clear on her background. I think we might both be elven exiles so it should work out.

One thing that I really like to do with my characters is get them linked into the world in interesting ways. My initial plan had been either a desert elf or a snow elf. I ended up making a snap judgement call and going with the snow elf. This turned out to be a good choice as my deeper research on the matter came up with references to elf-gates in the world that elves can use (but tend not to) to get around. The Golarion snow elves are called ‘Snowcaster Elves’ and they have a gate that comes out not more than 50 miles from where our current adventure is taking place. I will take those bonus points for not having to bend over backwards to explain what an elf from the arctic is doing in this world’s transylvania.

There were a couple of inspirations for Frost’s build. First, I’d recently realized that I had been on a streak of playing high Strength, High Charisma characters who neglected their dexterity. Even my last character who was an archer relied on his high wisdom to boost his attacks. This time around I wanted to do Dexterity and Intelligence. That combination immediately called to mind elf.

The second inspiration was a comment about how my last character had the tendency to go off on his own. As the archer/scout that was really his job but in practice it didn’t work out particularly well. It struck me that a good reason to stick with the rest of the party would be a character acting like a body guard. The kind of guy who puts himself into the action and gets in the way of attacks against his allies while creating openings for them to hit harder.

So the Frost is a 5th level Honor Guard(Cavalier) in the Order of the Dragon. This means when he is standing next to you, you’ve got a +4 bonus to AC from his awesomeness. In addition one of his allies is pulling a +3 to hit. I also took the Breadth of Experience feat which means as an elf over 100 years old he’s seen a whole lot and can give that +3 bonus to boost his friends. I helped out with a few knowledge checks as well as a diplomacy check to help ease the tension in the tavern after we freed the beast.

I’m still working on figuring out the specifics of positioning in order to get the most out of those basic maneuvers. Next time around we should have a boss fight which will give me a chance to use my ‘Challenge’ which will give all of my allies a +2 to attack the big bad guy as well as my ‘Tactics’ ability which adds to the damage when my allies go into flanking position.

Exciting stuff! Ω