Ms Marvel and Mary Marvel by Artemisia Synchroma

Marvel Girls by Joanna Barnum
Marvel Girls by Joanna Barnum

I’ve had the fortune to meet a number of artists over the years. One of those artists is Joanna Barnum. Sadly, we’ve crossed paths more often than we’ve actually hung out… such as the time she saw me propose to my wife from the back of the crowd. Parenthood has not been kind to my ability to hang out with the hip friends.

One of the few times that we have hung out in person was for my birthday. At the time I was rather fascinated by the similarities between Ms. Marvel (in her Warbird costume) and Mary Marvel (in her bad-girl costume). One was blonde and one was brunette. Add in a red-head and a raven haired Marvel and you’d have a full set. As a birthday present she painted this wonderful sexy picture for me.

She has been kind enough to do other pictures for us… including the picture of a dragon that hangs in my son’s room but I wanted the excuse to post some buttocks on my blog.

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