Back on the Wagon

Today’s weight: 261.5 pounds
My goal weight: 200 pounds

I feel that any blog post about weight loss should include some honesty about my weight. Tip toeing around the subject just isn’t going to help. I have about 60 pounds that I want to loss. 50 pounds would get my in the ballpark of what is medically acceptable. When I get myself into that weight range, I think the specific numbers will matter less. The weight is more a distillation of the exercise I’m not doing and the extra snacks I’m having.

At its heart, my weight loss plan is to eat less/healthier and to exercise more. Doing that got me down to about 257 pounds. Then I had a vacation weekend at the beach and then a week off from exercise. Travelling to the beach was great but there was also fast food stops and long periods of just sitting in the car while driving. After vacation we had a bunch of stuff to get done and dealing with the gym became less of a priority.

So that’s the plan.. back on the wagon. Here are some things to do to help:

  1. Take walks/go to the gym during lunch.
  2. No more trips to the snack machine.
  3. Back to home cooked meals.
  4. When eating out, go for the ‘good’ options. (Sushi)
  5. More water, less Arnold Palmers.
  6. Get my bike fixed so I can start biking again.

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  1. It might be worth getting a Fitbit pedometer and setting yourself a simple target like 10,000 steps a day. I’ve found this, along with limiting myself to one soda and one packet of crisps a day, has helped.

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