It will be a Girl

Its a Girl
Its a Girl
Yesterday my wife went to the Doctor for her official 20 week ultrasound. The picture evidence says that we shall have a baby girl sometime around the end of January or Early February. Happy Birthday to me.

Technically we have known for a while. Being over 35, my Mrs has been subjected to a number of tests, including a blood test where they test for various birth defects and such via the mother’s blood. Fortunately, you only need to do the big giant needle test now if you fail the blood test. Unfortunately, my wife really sucks at giving blood. (I’m the blood donor in the family.) Gender was one of the various results from those blood tests.

So we hadn’t been posting about it, instead enjoying the fun of telling people in person. But at 20 weeks it was time to let the flood gates open. To the left is the picture I posted on Instagram (and through that Facebook and Twitter). I hope the clothes we’ve picked out for her are sufficiently girly to get the point across.

My little man has adjusted to the news very well and is looking forward to being a big brother. He has even started telling his friends at school about it. We’ll see how that changes as things move forward and he can start feeling her kick in mommy’s belly.

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