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Atomic Train
Atomic Train

The nice thing about running a game in an established world is that I already know who most of the characters are supposed to be. It isn’t really my world but I’ve put a fair amount of work into documenting it as a player.

I also have individual folders stored in my drop box for each character. Most of the character sheets I have are at the wrong power level however so that is going to need to be modified.

The list of available pre-generated characters is going to be:

  1. Akasha – 4 Arms, Mystically plugged into the Akashic Record, Likes to Cook.
  2. Nightlight – Tactile Photo-Kinesis
  3. Cheshire – Former Circus performer and acrobat
  4. Clockwork – Traveller from one of several alternate futures.
  5. Galatea – Metal Statue come to Life
  6. Justice – Blind Energy Absorber, Former Old man de-aged back to a teen.
  7. Marbles – Speedster with a bag of ball bearings
  8. Megamorph – Alien shape shifter
  9. NightArrow – Former kid sidekick with a bow and arrow.
  10. Phoenix – Immortal fire bird in human form.
  11. Speed Daemon – Theater major who moves so fast you can’t see him.
  12. Stilleto – UNICORN Agent with a lot of experience but little power.
  13. Tankerific – Kid who can trap object inside himself and use their powers.
  14. Thunderbird – The phoenix’s kid brother.

I’m going back and forth on whether to allow some of them to be in the group together. Phoenix/Thunderbird and Marbles/Speed-Daemon have similar power sets for instance but the interaction could be interesting.

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