DC Gameday Fall 2013 Part 2 (Gameday Harder)

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I’ve already made a post about the game that I ran at DC Gameday, but I thought I’d take the time to write at least a little bit about the games that I played. The whole weekend was a blast, and I want to give my shout outs.

In order, the games were:

Feeling Gravity’s Pull (Fate Accelerated)

First, I want to point out that this game took place in the Spelljammer Universe. In late middle school/early high school, I was that kid who had picked up all sorts of D&D books just to HAVE them and read them. I’d never played. Ok, I convinced a friend to play once, and it didn’t go well, mostly because for all of my reading I had very little concept of how to turn those rules into reality. One of the things I loved during this time was Spelljammer. The ship cards were amazingly inspiring, and I had them up all over my bedroom. Never played it though.

Now onto Fate. Over the years, I’ve plated a number of FATE based games. This was my first Fate Accelerated game however. In past Fate games I’ve had the benefit of playing with other people’s pregenerated characters. Unfortunately, I’m only slowly wrapping my head around what makes a great FATE character, and I think Oswald was not one of my better attempts at it.

Being a big fan of Spelljammer, I wanted to embrace the weirdness of the setting. I chose a Giff. Giff are anthropomorphic hippos who love explosions. I remembered a magic weapon from the old books (gauntlets that create explosions when you hit with them) and built my character around that concept. He was big loud and flashy… and a combat monkey. I’m slowly learning that straight combat characters are less effective at moving the plot forward in FATE. Next time I’m going to make the Kender Psionicist 😉

That said, I did get some play out of my decission that I was a secret cultist attempting to restor the Giff homeworld. The game was fun anyway with a good seat-of-your pants kind of plot revolving around rescuing an elvin princess but in the end I played more of a support role than I would have liked.

The Teen Machine and Dr. Omega’s Runaway Atomic Train (Mutants and Masterminds 3e)

This was my game. You can read more about it here. I’m already starting to plan a second adventure for the Teen Machine.

The Masks of Silverlode (Fate Core)

This one had been sort of a throw away game when I signed up for it but it was the one I learned the most from playing. As I mentioned above, I do better with Fate characters when I get to play with pregen characters. The setting was 1930s emergent superheroes and I’m a huge fan of low powered (but not no powered) supers so it worked out well.

My character was a pin-up darling crime fighter named Bola Sue. My take aways when looking at the character were as follows:

  1. She has super senses. I almost universally give my characters high perception scores if I can because I hate having my character not know what’s going on.
  2. She fights criminals by tying them up. Although much of my first uses of that was to create a swing line that I could take advantage of.
  3. She is prone to wardrobe malfunctions. Cheesecake!

We had a lot of fun stopping the various bad guys from openning a gate to.. probably hell or someplace hell-like. I think I got much more into the spirit of FATE because of my stunt that gave me +2 when creating a bola related asset. Also I got to steal a jet pack and have a little flirtation with the magician character (who it was decided I knew from when he financed my monster-themed photo shoot).

Blood and Lightning (13th Age)

As a GM at DC Gameday, I was given the opportunity to pre-sign up for one game of my choice. This was the game that I chose. I’m in the 13 True Ways kickstarter and have read through my copy of the book. I really like the game which I see as a 4th Edition D&D with a soul but I LOVE the default 13th Age setting which is just an over the top fairy tale world on the other side of high fantasy from Lord of the Rings.

In the heat of the moment I named my character Fartag (yes yes, go ahead and laugh) who was the pregenerated 2nd level Dwarven Cleric. For my one Unique thing, I decided that I was in fact that last of the Dwarven Gods. This led into my Icon relationships in that I had a conflicted relationship with the High Priestess and a negative relationship with the Dwarf Lord. As a final customization I set his backgrounds as ‘Dwarven God +5, Jihad Survivor +3‘.

I think the most gratifying thing for me was that talking about this at the table provided a nice hook for everyone else to hang their character concepts on. The halfling rogue had sold the halfling kingdom to the Dwarf Lord. The bard had formerly been a deer who had been slain by dwarves and reincarnated by the High Druid as a gnome. The drow sorceress had spent time in the Dwarf Lord’s dungeon and learned to talk to rats there.

The fact that came from all this is that the Dwarf Lord was not a nice guy and was going more than a little crazy. All of our enemies became crazy dwarves (except for the one true believer that I converted to my faith. Pray to ME!) and we went from there.

I would really like to play in the 13th Age world again. I’m not 100% convinced I need the 13th Age rules to do it however.


Fun was had by all. Or at least by me for sure. I hope everyone else had fun too.

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