NaNoWriMo Lessons Learned: Setting Priorities

But Wait! you’re thinking, NaNoWriMo hasn’t even started, how can he have learned any lessons from it yet? This is a good question that I put into your mouth. I am drawing upon my experiences from last year and using the benefit of hindsight to look back on what was a terrifying experience at the time.

I have the tendency to be scattered, working on multiple projects all at the same time and hoping for the best. In order to get through the month of November last month, I had to focus on just the one project I was working on. Since then I’ve fallen back on my old ways a little bit but not to an extreme. In fact, this past year has been particularly successful for me in terms of completing some long uncompleted tasks as well as learning to let go of some tasks that I needed to stop wasting my time with.

Similarly, (with a few notable exceptions) I’ve taken the time to focus my attention on the things that are important to me. This has meant a rather systematic cleaning of my internet related house. I’ve unsubscribed from blogs that I had been following out of a sense of obligation or because I had started and was feeling completist about the whole thing. On DeviantArt as well as various webcomics, I’ve stopped following artists who have drifted from the art style that originally attracted me to them. On Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr I’ve edited down my lists as well. What’s left are the people.. writers, artists, and kind-hearted individuals of all stripes who I have decided to give priority for my attention.

With the impending birth of my daughter, I’ve grown even more diligent about cleaning up. She is going to be one of my top priorities and will need that time and attention from me. Not to say that I would have loved her any less if I hadn’t done this but there are only so many hours in the day and eventually something would have had to give. This way I hope that it is the less important things that will fall by the wayside.

Tomorrow is my 10 year wedding anniversary. It is going to take precedence over NaNoWriMo. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to catch up but if I don’t, I am prepared to take that consequence. We were originally hoping to do Disney for our anniversary. 1 Baby, 4 Convector Units, and a Balcony door later the plan has changed to going antiquing just the two of us for the day.

I’m looking forward to spending the day with my number one Priority.

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  1. Writing a little bit this morning, and I already had an approximately 14,000 word head start. I am excited about challenging myself. But you are right it certainly takes discipline to tighten up the priority list.

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