Going Completely Off the NaNoWriMo Rails

My word count hasn’t updated in quite a while but that isn’t to say that I haven’t been working on my project.

The original plan had been to start something brand new for November. I was going to sit down and just let it happen. I tried it. It didn’t happen. There was just too much of last year’s unfinished novel dancing around in my head. So after fighting it for a while, I delved back into my notes and started re-mapping last year’s project as well as some of the side stories that I poked around at afterwards.

2013 NaNoWriMo Participant
2013 NaNoWriMo Participant
I now have a big list of story events that I intend to sort into some sort of chronological order. The difficulty there is that I’ve gone back and forth between doing a straight chronology vs grouping a number of interrelated events into semi-connected short stories. Both are valid but both eschew the standard chapter format. We’ll see how it looks once everything is on index card.

The second organizational issue is the characters themselves. Over the course of planning and plotting, a number of the characters have shifted names or to a lesser extent identities. Right now I’m going through and making a list of all the characters in the ‘core’ story and working to set those as the primary bible of characters. Then for the places where things have deviated a little, I’ll have the core list to draw from to make it more standardized. I’ve changed the name of the city 3 different times as far as I can tell.

The big thing that saddens me between last year and this year is that I seem to have lost a sense of fun. As I’ve gone through last year’s writing I have found myself getting sucked back into the lives of these characters and enjoying the wry narrative comments that have come out of their stories. This year it was soooo serious. There’s just no call for that. If I’m going to write, it needs to be for fun.

I have a couple more days of organizing I think, and then it is going to be back to writing and filling in some of the spaces of my world. It may just be a Superman/Batman/Wonderwoman pastiche, but I really want to finish it for them.

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