The Origin of The Teen Machine

Teen Machine Logo
Teen Machine Logo
The Teen Machine

The Teen Machine is not the world’s top superhero team. That title goes to Team Alpha and to a lesser extent Team Beta. They are however the world’s most fun super hero team. Though not every member of the Teen Machine is technically a teen, they have kept the name because of their generally fun attitude and even if they are much older or as in the case of Galatea younger, they still all have the bodies of adolescents.

The group originally came together when Clockwork broke through the time stream in an effort to warn the world of the danger Dr. Omega’s dabbling in the time stream. Due to his young age, Team Alpha initially dismissed his warnings and it was only by convincing Phoenix, NightArrow, and Megamorph was the Teen Machine able to stop Dr. Omega’s ‘Crime Machine’.

With a mighty punch of his huge rubbery fist, Megamorph crushed the nefarious Crime Machine.

“No, its not possible. You kids destroyed my ultimate machine!”

“No evil Crime Machine will ever be able to stop this Teen Machine!”

And with that the Teen Machine was born.

Up until that point, crimefighting had taken a paramilitary bent with superheroes aligning themselves into teams or squads to deal with specific themed threats. Team Alpha covered much of the major natural disasters because they had the fire power for it while Team Beta handled more of the mid-level super villains looking to make a name for themselves by robbing a bank or similar.

Once the Teen Machine got together, it was all about having fun and hanging out. These kids spent time together because they were friends and they had something in common that other teens their age didn’t… they had superpowers. So sure they would get together if the bad guys starting causing trouble, but the truth is they were probably already hanging out together because they had decided to go to the mall and get some ice cream. It was awesome.

And the best part for them was that the media just ate it up. Where as Powerman might get followed by some reporter for the Nova-Star, magazines geared towards young people would regularly do just photo shoots of the members of the Teen Machine. How does Galatea do her makeup when she’s made of metal? Recipes from the Akasha’s kitchen. Adults would shake their heads in dismay at the way the world was changing but from the perspective of these young teen idols, it is only getting better.

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