In Soviet Russia, the Alien is YOU!

Last Friday We met the Minervans and the Solarians, both of which are mere shadows of their former interstellar civilizations. Today let’s take a look at two alien species who are on the rise. The first is a species of mutant creating viruses bent on conquering the galaxy while the other is a species of hive-minded merchants who are would like to conquer the galaxy in a different way.. financially.

The Virals

Tunguska Ereignis

On June 30th of 1908, an asteroid exploded in the skies of northern Russia leveling surrounding trees in 830 square miles. The event received very little attention at the time but gained interest in later years as it became linked to possible extinction level events such as the one that theoretically killed off the dinosaurs. What no one realizes is that the asteroid was a carrier for a whole other extinction level event.

In reality, the asteroid was a carrier of life forms from another galaxy. One of many. After traversing the cold void between the stars, the asteroid exploded sending genetic material out into the atmosphere. Acting like a virus, it infected animals and people in northern Russia, mutating them into alien hybrids that (by pure comic book coincidence) mirrored the vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other monsters of earth lore.

Humans being humans, even if they happen to be monstrous humans, the virals broke off into groups based on the specifics of their particular mutation. Energy drainers in one group, shape shifting killing machines in another, and well the shuffling mindless hordes didn’t so much pair off as none of the other groups wanted anything to do with them.

Their goal is to spread their disease and become the dominant life in the galaxy. So far the heroes of earth have kept this drive back but this isn’t the case everywhere. Marbles claims to have traveled to Earth-ρ where the virals were able to over-run earth and from there the Hyper-Train, getting directly into the heart of the Celestial Bureaucracy. Who knows if it is only a matter of time before Earth-Ω is similarly conquered.

Warform Viral (aka Werewolf)

Monsterous Form: Enhanced Trait 36 (Traits: Strength +4 (+4), Stamina +4 (+4), Intimidation +10 (+10), Awareness +4 (+4), Advantages: Close Attack 4, Daze (Intimidation), Skill Mastery, Startle; Activation 2: standard action, Noticeable: Takes on Noticably Monsterous Form)

Viral Blood Rage: Creatures mutated by the alien virus find it difficult to think straight when confronted by the enemy. When the rage takes over, all that matters is the kill.

Power Points
Powers 33

The Kirbeans
Roswell UFO Museum (5527823449)

Much like the the virals before them, the aliens known as the Kirbeans came to earth with an explosion, albeit the much smaller explosion of a crashed space ship. It was 1947 when the kirbeans flying a tour ship operating out of Mars Station suddenly lost power and decloaked before crashing in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. The military quickly got involved and took the stranded aliens into custody. In the fiasco that ensued the Kirbeans ended up uncovering a viral vampire plot to infest the United States military. The whole thing was an embarrassment for both the Celestial Bureaucracy who were supposed to be keeping earth a protected area for the last surviving Minervans. After that, earth was opened up to a small number of specially licensed Celestial Bureaucracy citizens, primarily missionaries and Kirbean merchants who sell advanced tech to super-heroes and super-villains alike.

Physically, the Kirbeans have the most in common with earth’s aquatic mammals. Though fully humanoid, they have rubbery skin that stretches over a layer of protective fat, giving a rounded shape to even the biggest and strongest among them. They tend towards bright skin colors with red, blue and purple being the most prevalent. Their four fingered hands and larger cranial structure make them natural computer engineers and the creators of some of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems in the galaxy. They find androids to be a sign of limited minds and primarily build their AI systems into ships and architecture. Mobile tech is what cybernetics is for.

Socially, the Kirbeans are most similar to bees with a queen overseeing a colony with the aid of her most trusted hand-maidens. The queen and her hand maidens are all capable of reproducing though the Kirbeans are most similar to sea horses in that regard. A given colony will usually specialize in a particular product and then work out trade agreements with other colonies. These products can be either technological or services such as the small colony that was running earth-tours out of mars station.

Kirbean Systems™ Secret Base

Toughness 16, Size Huge
Communications, Computer, Concealed 1, Defense System, Garage, Holding Cells, Isolated, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Security System 1

Teleport: Teleport 5 (Accurate, Affects Others, Extended: 30 miles in 2 move actions; Limited to Extended)

Power Points
Abilities 3 + Powers 1 + Features 13 + Defenses 5 = 22

Stats created using Hero Lab.