Teen Machine Member: Imp

Imp isn’t as tall as this picture makes him look
Imp’s Mutants and Masterminds Character Sheet

They don’t call them ‘Hell Dimensions’ for nothing. Everyone wants out though not everyone realizes that there is an out and eventually they’re too old and corrupted to care. The lucky ones are the ones who get summoned by an infernalist for an extended stay. Even just a quick trip is better than nothing.

The demons who get to stay for long periods of time are the powerful ones who have something to offer a master. Usually the ability to control hell fire, the physique of a juggernaut, and/or some variation of loose morals. Imp has none of those things. He is a small, scrawny demon kid who has survived for as long as he has by keeping his head down and being unnoticed.

One benefit to going unnoticed is that you hear the things that people say when they think no one else is around. Imp has used that to help friends escape from tough situations. It is also how he heard about ‘The Power’, a magical ability that shapes itself to its owners personality. Of course he didn’t know that when he took it, figuring that he’d be able to sell off the hell fire that its previous owner had for a little extra cash.

And then he went ‘Poof!’.. right out of his hell dimension and onto Earth-Omega where he was joined up with the Teen Machine.

Powers and Strategy: Imp’s powers allow him to go invisible as a free action, teleport as a move action, and cause damage in an area as a standard action. He can use one, two or all three powers as he chooses and they all take the form of a cloud of colored smoke that fills the area around him as he explodes. A foe will not know which powers were uses other than to know that they weren’t damaged by the effect.

The damaging effect is a great minion cleaning power but works best away from allies unless Imp has teamed up with a well armored friend. If things get really rough, Imp can teleport out of this dimension completely but he avoids it for fear of appearing cowardly and because he doesn’t know if he could find his way back. He also cannot carry more than 50 lbs with him when he teleports, making the power useless for pulling allies out of the battle.

Story Hooks: Imp’s ability to go invisible makes him invaluable for reconnaissance missions of any kind but he really shines when going up against cultists where his knowledge of hell and quick tongue can make all the difference. Add to that his demonic appearance and he can easily pretend to be working for the bad guys. There is always the possibility that a demon summoned by the cultists could recognize him however in which case he gets a hero point for his demonic appearance working against him and the jig is up. Once recognized, his ‘Stolen Power’ complication will kick in when the demon it belongs to comes looking for him. Good thing Imp has team mates.

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