Agent Stiletto for ICONS and MHR

Agent Stiletto
Agent Stiletto

I don’t know what possessed me to do it but in the depths of my fever madness.. you can get fever madness at 99.5 right?… I decided to pull out one of my old Mutants and Masterminds characters (I only played her once) and give her a conversion attempt to both ICONS and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

I have a picture of her that I created using the old stand-alone City of Heroes character creator, unfortunately that picture seems to have suffered some JPG loss. I don’t get it but whatever. It gave me a chance to pull out Fabrica de Herois¬†and make a new version.

Despite only having played her in a one shot game, I really enjoyed the character. I created her for Mutants and Mastermind’s 2nd edition as a Freedom City legacy character. She is the grand daughter of Human-Tank and Lady Celtic both of whom are written up in the Golden Age source book. The gift of metal control has degraded with the generations so she relies heavily on her training and contacts to make up the difference. That said, she can go hard core when she needs to.

Most of her training comes from MI-X, the paranormal branch of British Military Intelligence. Most recently she has come to work for AEGIS in Freedom City on temporary transfer.



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