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Goodbye Toys
Goodbye Toys

Like many a proto-geekling, I have fond memories of the toys in my childhood. One of those earliest memories involves standing in the driveway of my parent’s house and holding a Han Solo action figure. I have equally vague memories of going to see Empire Strikes back when I was a little one so that makes sense. Even more important in my memory was taking that trip to the department store (Bradlees I think) and purchasing my first He-Man figure (Man-E-Faces) over which I would bond with my two best friends in Grammar School.

Time marches on however and eventually I became ‘too old’ for my toys. So they were packed up and sent off to my cousins. As it turns out my cousins were mostly into cars and so while they grabbed up the transformers (close enough to cars) the He-man, Thundercats, and Star Wars figures all ended up in my Babci’s attic where they would sit for several years before eventually returning to me.

It was around my 21st Birthday that I once more started getting interested in action figures and made up my mind to start collecting them. Being of limited funds and a slightly special snowflake/perverted streak, I decided to limit myself to female action figures. My thought was that they were ‘rarer’ because boys didn’t really want to play with girls and more fun to look at. For my 21st Birthday Alyson gave me a Rogue who delivered a spring loaded upper cut when you pulled the lever on her back.

Fast forward several years and my collection grew and grew. A few of them stayed in boxes (mostly duplicates) but the rest found their way out onto my increasingly crowded shelves while the remains of their boxes ended up in a larger box. The accessories would go in their hands if they fit nicely but I also put aside several plastic baggies so that they wouldn’t get all mixed up.

In 2007 when we bought our condo we moved from renting a sizable three bedroom house to an apartment sized living space. Feeling the need to be ‘more adult’, I purchased a set of vertical wall-hanging shelves on which to put my favorite girls and the rest ended up in two large rubbermaid containers that were pushed to the back of my closet. The specifics of those shelves changed a little bit but remained fairly stable over the past couple of years.

Recently, my wife and I did a massive clean out to clear out the office/sewing room and turn it into a room for our daughter. On my end, this saw the reduction of my comic collection, my roleplaying books, and yes most recently my action figures. You don’t even want to hear about the horrors that was my wife’s craft collection getting trimmed down.

I had originally wanted to sell my stored away action figures to a local toy buyer but it quickly became obvious that they weren’t interested. Either the store was facing hard times or my collection as I described it to them wasn’t up to snuff. Possibly both. So this past weekend my wife pointed out to me that the totswap (not as kinky as wife-swap) was coming around again. She had sold some of our son’s toys there and many of his old clothes there before. I wasn’t going to get ‘collector’ prices on my toys but it would certainly be better than just tossing them out.

Last weekend plus a couple of snow days saw me bagging 151 action figures up into semi-themed bags of 5-8 action figures each and then I dropped them off (along with a modest selection of kids clothes) to be purchased. As of this morning one of those bags had been purchased at a commision of 65%. That’s just for the pre-sale open to new mothers however. I am hopeful that Mumra’s Tomb (originally purchased at 90% of in a Caldors closing sale) will make a few bucks at the very least.

Below are the figures that still remain of my once grand collection:

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