My Attempts at Fitness

Mountain biking
Mountain biking
This has been something of a week. Feeling in a spring-like mood on Saturday I took my bike over to the bike shop to have it tuned up. I had taken it over there at the end of the season when I was having difficulties with my shifter. They had said it would be 3 weeks to get it taken care of and being mid-October I just couldn’t wait that long. I told them I would try another bike shop and of course I never did and then winter hit. Winter hit hard.

Knowing that it would take three weeks, I took it over there anyways and figured I’d see what happens. They told me I should be able to pick my bike up on April 1st. Hopefully they aren’t kidding. You know, because April 1st and all.

Turns out that the time frame worked out well because Sunday night it started snowing. It snowed so hard that the federal government closed and I stayed home from work. My gym is in the basement of my work so getting a jump on the working out didn’t happen as well as i’d hoped.

And then there was Tuesday. Tuesday I returned to my desk to find a voice mail from my wife. The baby had a fever and she was going to see the doctor. Calling her back, it turned out the baby had an infection and they were taking her to the hospital because the hospital could do the tests faster. That night I got home, fed the dog, packed up some clothes for my son and then my sister-in-law picked me up. We dropped off the clothes so my son could stay with his grandmother and then went over to the hospital. y little girl was checked in Tuesday night around 10.

Over the course of the visit, the Doctors kept upping the time frame that they were going to have to keep her. 24 hours observation. 48 hours of observation. It capped out at 72 hours of observation.

Wednesday morning I arrived at the hospital to find my wife and baby had gone down to ultrasound her internal organs. Baby girl was sleeping through the whole thing. The only symptom she’d had was a high fever and that was gone after the first night once they pumped some antibiotics into her.

The ultrasound was interesting:
“Here is her bladder…”
“Here is her uterus…”
“Here is some poop…”

The poop came out 15 minutes later.

Wednesday night I went home around dinner time, picked up my son and had some bonding time. We had ice cream, walked the dog, and played some Super Paper Mario. Then I took him to school the next morning. I didn’t do any work on his words which I should have. Fortunately his mother crammed them into his brain on Thursday.

Thursday morning, after dropping my little man off at school, I showed up back at the hospital with coffee in hand. Things were looking up and the culture had come back with E. Coli and the UTI was showing only in the bladder, nothing up near the kidneys. In other words, highly treatable.

We high tailed it out of there as fast as we could. Stopped by CVS and had some lunch while we waiting. My afternoon was then spent catching up on work e-mails as I had forgotten to set my out-of-office message and people were starting to panic that I wasn’t answering their e-mails.

And all of this adds up to a week in which I didn’t get any exercising done at all. On the bright side of things, I had a banana and cheerios for breakfast this morning and as I post this, I am preparing to go for a nice 4 mile walk during my lunch break.

There is always next week.

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