The CVS Rule

Poker setOr Walgreens, or whatever your local drug store is.

When creating a game that is for beginners or kids or the like, I think it is import to keep availability of materials in mind. I have a friend in real life who is not a gamer herself but who wanted to introduce her son to gaming and was asking about hand-me-down dice. Don’t get me wrong, the funny shaped dice are cool and all but it shouldn’t require a special trip to the hobby store to get the right tools to play a beginner game that was likely downloaded from the internet.

So the tools for the job:
– Graph paper (because I like dungeon crawls)
– Index cards (for handing out treasure)
– six-sided dice (used for everything)
– Poker chips (3 colors, 3 different pools)
– playing cards (I like them for initiative/special effects)

My own kid has started asking me about playing some ‘Mat Games’ as he called it.. because I ran a little adventure for him using my wet erase mat. There are plenty of games that I could probably use but being me, I really want to hack something together that will work for both of us.

My rules so far:
Base Mechanic: 3d6 + Trait(s) vs. 10 + Trait(s) for success

Assume Level, Equipment, and/or Powers will also add to that.

Traits: Willpower, Awareness, Reflexes, Prowess, Insight, and Toughness
(War Pit or Warp It – Still deciding)

Pools: Stamina (Will+TGH), Mana (Insight, Awareness, or Will), and Luck

Warrior: Add Level to Stamina, Will for Mana, 1 Luck to Start
Mage: Add Level to Mana, Insight for Mana, 2 Luck to Start
Rogue: Add Level to Luck, Awareness for Mana
Cleric: 1/2 Level(min 1) to Stamina, Mana, and Luck, Will for Mana

I have an item based magic system in mind. Each magic item has one or more abilities imbued in them that can be activated with an expenditure of mana. Each character may start off with a basic magic item. Flaming sword(mana for bonus damage), Wand(mana for ranged attack), Holy Symbol(mana for healing), and Cloak(mana for stealth)

With everything being a trait roll, backgrounds would grant the ability to do extra things with those traits. In order to use insight to know about magic, you’d need the ‘Trained Wizard’ background.

This is just a rough draft but it is flexible enough for now that all I need is a short list of weapons, armor, and spells and I’ll be able to hack together some monsters with a similar set of stats.

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