Things that are keeping me busy

Keeping me Busy
Keeping me Busy

I have the tendency to want to over-capitalize in blog post titles. Up above, I really want to capitalize ‘Keeping’ and ‘Busy’ because they are IMPORTANT words. If I have any grammar nerds following this blog, I could definitely use some help with figuring the proper way to do that.

That picture over there is a terrible picture of me but it is the perfect illustration of the top two things that keep me busy in the best ways possible. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My son does swimming, soccer, and rock climbing. He loves to draw. Pokémon, Super Mario, and Ben 10 are his favorite subjects. He and I play a lot of the Pokémon card game where he regularly beats the pants off of me. My daughter is growing up so fast. She is curious about everything and almost always has a smile on her face. Over the weekend was the first time she came looking for me for comfort. She has always accepted my comfort but this weekend she crawled into my lap and laid her head against me. I must be doing something right.

Work on the other hand… actually, I’m kind of loving work right now too. I’m a little stressed because the deadlines for the current project are so tight. It would be nice to have a little room to breathe. That said, this is exactly the sort of project that I like working on so I can’t complain. I won’t go into specifics but my work title is ‘Financial Systems Analyst’ so what I find exciting might not interest other people.

I was going to make an attempt at Nanowrimo next month but I already know that I’m not going to have to time to dedicate to it this year. This is really too bad because “Jesus’ Erotic Adventures in Purgatory” was going to be AWESOME.

It is also becoming more difficult to keep up with the gaming. I’ve opted to skip out of DC Gameday this year because the scheduling is so tight. I am however doing my best to keep up with my regular gaming group which is currently working its way through the intro adventure from 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. We have met up with one dragon. We ran away.

The person who hasn’t been eating up my time is the Mrs. She’s amazing and I love her dearly. We’re celebrating 11 years of marriage in a few weeks and (don’t tell her but) we’re somewhere in the range of 18 years since we started dating. She deserves special mention since she is what keeps me from going crazy. I love her so much, we’re buying each other a new dishwasher to celebrate.