Back from the Break

Straight Jacket

There are just times in your life when you need a little rest in a quiet room. Unfortunately that’s not what I’ve been dealing with for the past several months. Although right now that does really sound kind of nice.

No. We all have day jobs. Things that we do when we aren’t happily engaging in our various hobbies. For me this involves maintaining a series of interrelated applications in my company’s finance department. Sometime around October of last year we signed a contract with a vendor to completely and totally overhaul one of those systems with a go-live date of January 1st. We made it, although the new system is not without its bugs (that I am still working on… gotta have job security right?)

In order to wrap my head around the time I needed in order to get this project done, I may perhaps have over-reacted and shut down large portions of the internet. I used to have a list of everything that got shut down but that became frustrating as well. I had it in my head that I would minimize my online presence. Or make it so that everything I connected to online was phone only. Or leave the internet and never come back. Something like that. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet.

For this blog, I just downloaded a plug-in that allowed me to disable the site. No deletions of old blog posts. If you came here looking for me, there was just a sign that read “Taking a Break from the Internet”. The break is now over but I don’t have any grand plans for what I plan on doing with the internet.

The new plan is to move from a holistic internet approach to a silo’d one. This is actually the opposite of what people recommend when you are “building your brand”. I have various tools for accessing different sites. I will play on those sites as I feel like and not feel that I need to be connecting one site to another. Cross-sharing hurts my brain.

So if you’re following me on here.. yay! I’ll be posting more.. perhaps not a lot more.. but more, mostly philisophical ramblings or discussion of how things are going with my gaming group. My Pathfinder Rogue just made 2nd level.


  1. I’ve read a lot about building a personal brand and growing readership, but usually when I start to implement those steps, I feel like my blog is now work, and no longer my fun, creative outlet.

  2. I agree. I also run into the issue that I don’t feel like my job is entirely compatible with having an internet personality but complicated by my desire to interact with my spouse. If I didn’t have ties, I would seriously consider inventing a brand new version of me who didn’t share a name with my professional version of me.

  3. I try so hard to do this brand building thing but I always end up messing it up by using F words and turning it into the wrong kind of brand, so a lot of my stuff gets deleted. But anyway, I know exactly what you mean by having a love/hate relationship with the Internet. Same here.

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