Prepping 5e for my son.

One Last Toss Of The Dice// quite a bit of discussion, I’ve finally settled down to start prepping a 5e Dungeons and Dragons game for my son. He’s been playing quite a bit of pixel dungeon lately (a rogue – like available on the android) so I’m planning to go for a fairly straight forward dungeon crawl with him. I hope he likes it.

The character is a non-variant human because I didn’t want to force him to figure out feats. It was a big enough struggle getting him to settle on a flail as his initial weapon. One thing I did do is switch out the 5e backgrounds for the 13th Age specials (One Unique Thing, Icon relationships, and skill style background).

His one unique thing is that he is noticeably strong for a human. I imagine it being similar to Jean Valjean’s strength from Les Mis. Mechanically that should be good for advantage on strength/athletics checks. I tweaked the Icons so they’re more specifically the organization tied to the Icon and not quite the super important relationship that 13th Age encourages. His great gold wyrm/diabolist relationships are the kind of straight forward that a 7 year old needs but I imagine his mixed relationship with the arch mage will make for the occasional hard decission.

Finally, I decided that 13th age backgrounds are more or less equivalent to a free form proficency. In this case he was trained as a Golden Squire though he might not currently be one.

As for the world building, I’ll be keeping it light. I’ll be using the 13th Age map but instead of a “Dragon Empire” the world is a collection of City States. Just because I’ve been having fun reading about the Proto-Indo-Europeam gods, there will be two tribes of divine beings. The Asir are the high concept gods while the Deva are the nature gods. If he gets far enough he may uncover the force that is corrupting the Deva into Demons. The high druid may come into play in this case.

His first adventure will likely be a simple wine cellar -> sewers-> dungeons exploration with rats and goblins. This keeps him close to home base and let’s me hit him with the cliches early. For the sake of survivability and possible story elements, I think he’ll need an NPC healer friend. I’ll work on that tomorrow.