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It was announced that Terry Pratchett was collected by Death today. My best thoughts are with his family for their loss as I am sure millions of other fans are feeling the loss.

I myself have read barely a quarter of the books he has written. I take some comfort in the fact that having written more than 70 books, 25% is still a decent number. I didn’t discover him until college when my one-day-to-be wife introduced him to me by transcribing FaustEric for me one chapter at a time over e-mail. There is an entire shelf in our house dedicated to his work and waiting for me to go past the 25% mark.

His works were also some of the first things we watched when we got our Netflix subscription. Hogfather, Going Postal, and The Color of Magic were all available. I just checked and they aren’t as available now. You can however currently get all three on DVD from Amazon for under $40.

Discworld Reading Order Guide 2.2 (English) for 2013I was reading ‘Feet of Clay’ right around the time I participated in NaNoWriMo a few years back. I am not a writer. I wanted to participate correctly. There are so many guides about structure and finding out what works for you. So many expectations that you put on yourself. I want to say he opened my eyes and made me a better writer but I’m not a writer. All I can do is appreciate his gift.

Safe Travels.

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