New Character, New Setting, New Adventures

Half Orc with Long SwordLast weekend we said goodbye to the first adventure of the Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path for Pathfinder. We tracked our enemy to the evil temple and nearly died in the process. Quite miraculously we ended up surviving and getting off the island upon which we’d been shipwrecked, somewhat more the richer than we’d begun.

We will not be going on right to the next adventure but instead our GM is taking a break while we go and adventure in another land. This will be the first homebrew world I’ve played in since I played Mutants and Masterminds. It is not however the new GMs first time running in this world and a number of the other guys I’m playing with have had some experience in the world.Dwarf Cleric

My first impressions of the world bring to mind Terry Pratchett’s Disc-world. It is more or less a standard fantasy world with an anachronistic bent. Santa Claus is real but so is the Anti-Santa. The kingdom we’re in is ruled by something of a benign Lich… like if Voldemort were in charge but instead of wanting to rule with an iron fist he told everyone to get back to business, he had some research to do for the next 100 years.

Dwarf MageOur band of protagonists have just graduated from a small trade school (farming, soldiering, wizardry, and civil engineering) and are looking to make their way in the world. Through a quirk of the dice and me saying “Hey! We should all have dark-vision” we rolled up random backgrounds that involves us being a pair of brothers. A set of Half-Orc scoundrels(one weapon oriented, one skill focused) and a set of magical dwarven brothers (one arcane and one divine).

We were the kids who sat at the dark table in the corner… because dark-vision. Each of the others in the group got a minor magic item. I got a rumor about a magic sword that was lost in a bog. Our first plot hook. The game is looking to be a bit of a sandbox but I am happy to have a hook to begin with as I haven’t really had time to put together my character’s long term goals.Half Orc Merc

Incidentally, it is extremely hard to find a picture of two Half-Orcs and two Dwarves hanging out together.