Snowzilla Kicks my Butt

In the car I was looking for Salvation

As I write this, my family is heading out to blessedly begin our day. It is Wednesday. The last day that I was in the office was last Wednesday. The days in between were spent locked more or less indoors save for a few excursions out into the winter wonderland.

The time locked inside was not kind to me. I woke this morning to find myself at least five pounds heavier than before I went into seclusion. More importantly many of my clothes were feeling uncomfortably tight and the less said about my teeth the better.

While locked away, I was at least able to get in a little bit of teleworking but when the children are lost in the throes of their own cabin fever, your work time is naturally going to suffer.

Schools are still closed today but fortunately we were able to get C into a one day art camp. He’s old enough that he could stay home by himself but he really needs to get out as much as the rest of us. E’s daycare is open just an hour later than normal. Both A and I have a 3 hour delay per the federal government which is good because given the traffic we’re going to need that time.

We have less than a week before we head out on our cruise. In that time I have work to get caught up on and a certain level of fitness to reobtain. The ship will be featuring a number of “all you care to eat” situations and while I plan on keeping active, I do also love my food. The absolute best, I can hope for is to break even there.

I looked up the options for internet access on the cruise. While they exist, I’m looking forward to being offline for a week. I’ve cleaned a bunch of apps off my phone so that I will have room for pictures. There will be some posting when we get back.

When next we meet, I’ll be clean shaven, hopefully tanned, and 40. Happy Birthday to me.