The Road to the Death Pit

Last year around this time I made a post about how I was back from the break. If I remember correctly, I was annoyed with the internet in general and just didn’t want to interact with people. This year I was feeling better about people. I was doing my best to avoid Star Wars spoilers. I did a pretty good job and in keeping with that, I will save my thoughts on the movie until the end of this post.

Work has become a bigger part of my life lately. A large portion of Cash Management staff at my company left and as she is pretty much an expert, the other member of my team of 2 went to fill that gap. There was a recruit but that takes time. My new team member has now been at the job for a month and it has made all the difference.

On top of being short handed, we’ve seen two major initiatives fly through. One was a three month blitz which is scary enough but the 5 year long term initiative is just getting started and promises to be much more interesting. At the very least the 4 day trip to California in preparation threw a monkey wrench in several personal plans.


This past weekend, I was able to get back to the regular gaming. After a battle with an evil Santa (which I sadly missed) our band of ‘Bothans’  continued on our trek to deliver the secret plans to the City of Todes Grube. There are a trio of giant war golems marching like mobile skyscrapers toward the city from the extremist Theocracy to the south. Apparently they aren’t pleased that we are ruled by an apathetic Voldemort and are ready to crush everyone in the city to prove that point.

Dropped of the secret plans only to discover that they need to be interpreted a bit. Each giant war golem is tied to its own mystic power source that we could deactivate if we could find it. Off to the haunted Library inside Voldemort… Er, King William’s castle. For a haunted Library, it was reasonably cozy and we’re honestly thinking about taking up residence in the guest quarters under the library.


“Who are you?”
“We’re the Librarians.”

In other news, the kids are doing well. E turns 2 at the end of the month and has just discovered Frozen. She came home singing ‘Let it go’ and was excited to discover both a music video and related movie. This is good since YouTube just took down her previous favorite video Toni Basil’s “Hey Mickey (Director’s cut)”. We took C to see the IMax version of ” The Force Awakens” and now he dreams of becoming Kylo Ren. Don’t f


orget, I have Star Wars thoughts for the end of this post.

Hopefully both children will have their Disney dreams come true when we sail off for our 5 day Disney Cruise the first week of February. I turn 40 the day we set sail and have to admit I’m looking forward to reclaiming some of my youth before stepping foot into the second half of my life.

Now for my thoughts on Star Wars. First of all, as much as I know some people loved the old Star Wars expanded universe, I’m glad they wounded it the way they did. Being able to draw elements from the EU solo twins without being beholden to all of their story elements works out nicely in the audience’s favor. The same goes for scavenging a popular video game character in order to build a storm trooper turned freedom fighter.

I am frustrated by how much of the story exists outside of the movie. Fun little tidbits like James Bond as the stormtrooper are fine for websites but there is a lot of extra information floating around in the novelization.

At first I was also annoyed by how fast Rey picked up the force. After some thought though, it seems clear that “The Force Awakens” is referencing the force awakening in Rey. That girl is clearly mainlining force. The movie also wants us really bad to think that this is because she’s Luke’s daughter. It does everything but outright say it and


because they don’t outright say it, I think it is a red herring. I hope she’s another miracle baby like Anakin was. The real chosen one.