Enthusiasm Counts


“Enthusiasm Counts” is a saying I have. I don’t know if other people say it but I would be surprised if they didn’t. I know my wife has said it though she may just be echoing my sentiments when she does.

For me “enthusiam counts” serves as a philosophy or and often a goal for living.  I can’t honestly claim to always be enthusiastic but for the things that I love I want to love them with as much of my heart as possible. Otherwise what’s the point? Sometimes that little two word statement is enough to shake it off when I’ve fallen into a funk. Other times it takes a more concerted effort.

Enthusiasm can also serve as a core rubric when evaluating entertainers. There is a local DJ who attempts to be a “shock jock”. For me, where he really stands out is his interviews. He always seems to have done his homework before an interview and always seems interested… enthusiastically so… in the life and work of the people he’s interviewing.

My daughter, seen above on my shoulders, is two years old and still going through the amazingly rapid series of milestones. It can seem like she’s a brand new person from day to day. She just recently entered into a hard core enthusiasm stage. Not everything makes her happy but when it does she jumps into that happiness with both feet.

This morning as we left to go catch our bus she leaped up.. “Say goodbye to Mommy” was followed by a yelled out goodbye and repeated hugs and waving. I received the same treatment as I dropped her off at day care and there was a general air of excitement for the three books we read on the bus.

I can’t claim to be a full on introvert. The stories full blown introverts tell of their experiences don’t resonate with me. Instead let’s call me shy. I easily forget names, feel awkward talking to new people, and am often concerned that I am “taking up” the time of people I consider friends. Not to the levels of social anxiety though. From the outside I probably come off as aloof.

Seeing my daughter’s new found adoration of life is a reminder to me to look at how I live each day and each experience.