Feeling the Creative Drought


2016 has been a rough one for me health wise. I’ve written about it previously so I won’t delve too much into it. Since my last posting, I had a completely separate illness that resulted inthe Doctor prescribing 2 weeks worth of antibiotics. I felt really bad but fortunately the timing was good enough that I didn’t end up staying home while the family went to the local scifi convention without me.

For those keeping track at home, that’s around 6 months of “not feeling well”. I’ve never been ondeaths door but I’ve also only had a few days here and there before the next illness decided to descend upon me. It has been tiring.

For much of my adult life I have felt the creative urge. Very rarely has it ever gone anywhere but it has kept me entertained. A new idea for a setting. A treak for some RPG rules. Characters… lots and lots of characters.

Lately I’ve just felt eh.

I’ve put the focus where it needs to go. Projects at work. Playing with the kids. I’ve actually put some effort into removing things that eat up time. Closed up some social media accounts and moved the folder where I kept my great american novel back into the archives. I hadn’t touched that thing in months other than to shuffle chapter folders around.

I’d like to feel like I’ve put some part of myself out there in the world creatively but there is just a dry well. I’ve made due by writing up some reviews on Amazon or Google but they’re dry. That’s why for the things I really love I’ve tabled them for now. Better to save it for when I have some creative juices to expend on those sentences.

So for now, take care of myself. There will be a new creative spring eventually.