Letting the Comics End

ComicsThis right here is my last batch of comics with the exception of Wonder Woman. I might have as much as another year left for her.

A while back I took at look at how much I was spending on comics. It wasn’t a small amount. In an effort to cut down on the impulse purchases (“Oh! This looks interesting!”) I closed my pull box and switched to subscription. There is also a pretty good discount for buying a year in advance.

One thing I discovered with the switch to subscription is that Marvel does it better than DC. Darkhorse and IDW don’t do it at all. DC limits subscriptions to their “top titles” which unfortunately meant no subscription to my beloved Astro City.

Conveniently this was happening around a year into “The New 52” so it didn’t hurt me to give up a lot of titles. Wonder Woman has mostly stayed good minus a few recent months of limbo before Rucka took over and the amusing Harley Quinn was available by subscription. Basically if it is a non Wonder Woman DC comic then I was only interested if Palmiotti was writing it.

So led by more up beat stories and an easier subscription service I’ve moved my way over to Marvel. And now I’m letting it die?

Well yes and no. Another nice thing about Marvel has been their willingness to explore the digital model. Each physical copy also comes with a redemption code for a digital copy. But then there is the money issue. Marvel offers “Marvel Unlimited” which minus any special deals is $10 per month for all of their comics so long as you don’t mind comics that are over 6 months old.

Turns out both of the above things are true for me. I spend more than $10 a month on Marvel comics and I don’t mind reading comics that are more than 6 months old. So the current plan is to let my current subscriptions run out (this is the end here) and then six months from now when the digital comics world has caught up with the print comics world, I will look into picking up a Marvel Unlimited account. Maybe I’ll ask for a tablet for Christmas.