Stuff I Like: Pixel Dungeon

The Original

Pixel Dungeon is a game (or group of games – more on that later) for the android. The play style is ‘rogue-like’ which means you are an adventurer dropping down into a randomly generated dungeon to search for treasure and defeat monsters. Resources are limited and you are expected to die. A lot. The only question is how far can you get before you die.

I came across Pixel Dungeon while looking for an offline game for my Android. There are likely the same or similar games for Apple but I don’t know any specifics. I ride the subway for most of my commute and an not having to wait for a station to load the next level is a big selling point.

Sometime after I started playing the game, the developer made the deciscion to open source the code. Since then several varieties have been added to the Play Store. All of the ones I have tried out include claims of being blessed by the developer whose code they are using. It seems to be a friendly community.

In addition to the original, I’ve played a lot of ‘Shattered’ because I like the artifacts and difficulty level. I liked the dungeon size and new monsters in ‘Unleashed’ but have found it a little too easy for my tastes.

Pick your character

All of the games share a similar concept, you are an adventurer (warrior, mage, rogue, and unlockable huntress) who is heading down through a series of themed dungeons. Sewers lead to the underground prison which takes you into the dwarf caves and then the ruins of the dwarf city before finally dropping you out in the demon lands. Each section has multiple randomly generated levels ending with a boss level.

The idea is to boost your power to handle the monsters (Boss and otherwise) by collecting weapons, armor, seeds, potions, and various other magic items while levelling yourself up. Potions of strength to equip better weapons/armor and scrolls of enhancment to boost the power of your weapons/armor are key. You also need food to keep from starving down in that hole. Scroll runes and potion colors are randomized so you have to re-identify them each time you play.

Games rotate on and off my phone on a regular basis but this one has stuck around. On top of that it is a free to download game with no advertisements and no in-app purchases. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.