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Me and my Cousin
Me and my Cousin

We were on vacation last week and I got to hang out with my cousin who I hadn’t seen since she got married. As part of the conversation, I mentioned one of the YouTube channels that I like and had a funny story about. So I made a note on my To-Do list app to send her a list of YouTube channels that I like. There are a number but here is cream of the crop.

  • Screen Team – This is top of the list because I have a funny story about it. They’ve recently put up a Batman themed parody of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling which I showed to my two year old daughter. Now whenever the original comes on the radio, my little girl yells out “Its Batman!”. This is an odd channel for me because it feels very T&A oriented but it is still very innocent about that and my kids are really into the songs… both the parodies (ie. There’s a great One Direction parody for Avengers) and the original content (Their original song about the Smash Bros. video game is on heavy rotation.)
  • The Key of Awesome –  The name of this channel has changed a couple of times recently as they’ve moved to focus more heavily on their fun song parodies which is the reason why I started watching the channel to begin with. They’ve been around a long time though and were the people originally responsible for introducing the world to Obama Girl.
  • Chez Lindsay – Originally part of the ‘Legion of Supercritics’ and bouncing around on a group of different video hosting sites, I’m glad Lindsey has set up her own channel on YouTube where I don’t have to do internet gyrations to follow her. She’s a fun snarky reviewer. A number of her old video reviews have started showing up on her new channel but the best reason to follow is her new series of videos called ‘Loose Canon’ which explores the way that different characters that have had different iterations (like the many versions of the Phantom of the Opera or greek gods or Mad Max) have evolved with the different actors that have portrayed them.
  • Postmodern Jukebox –  It started as such a small idea… old-time-y/jazzy covers of modern pop songs. I think it the success of it took Scott Bradley by surprise to be honest but it is just so good. Over time he has added more singers to perform with him, many of which have appeared on American Idol (though not any of the winners I don’t think).
  • Player Piano – This was originally a series on Stan Lee’s YouTube channel but the Pianist (Sonya Belousova) went her own direction when the channel started to get neglected. They’ve recently gotten the rights to those old videos (including the awesome Game of Thrones theme one) but are still making new ones as well such as the piano cover of the Doctor Who theme.
  • How it Should Have Ended – Sponsored by the Starz channel, these are just some small funny cartoons that poke fun at the plot holes of various movies. Probably the best part is the ongoing Superman and Batman in a Cafe commentary that they bring in for pretty much all of their Superhero movies.
  • The Black Nerd – Enthusiasm counts and Andre is about as enthusiastic about his nerd-dom as they come. I first came across him when he did a guest spot on Screen Team’s One Direction Avengers parody (see above) but his bread and butter is movie reviews. He’s a big fan of Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which puts him slightly younger than me but he’s still fun to listen to even for the things that I’m not into… though I do skip over a lot of his reviews of the TMNT cartoon show.