NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 3

So far,  things aren’t going particularly well. The biggest problem  has been going in without much of a plan.  I figured that I could just start writing and the words would fall into place. The reality was one page worth of incredibly dry and encyclopedic background.  Ugh. 

I realized that I was going completely the wrong direction yesterday and took my lunch break to make an actual plan.  The thought of sorting an entire novel is a little daunting so I skipped that and just outlined a story that I’m calling ‘Chapter 1’. I have a vague idea what Chapter 2 will look like but I’m going to have to outline that as well when the time comes. 

So as of right now i am about 2000 words behind.   I can only see myself falling further and further behind as things move progress.  Hopefully I will at least come out of this with a few usable words.