The Christmas Revels

Now that my youngest is nearing 3 years old, we are looking into ways to give both kids exposure to nafure and the arts and whatever else we can pull off that isn’t just Disney channel and Pokemon. Fortunately, Christmas offers us a unique opportunity to experience some things we wouldn’t otherwise get to know about.

Last weekend, we went to a Traditional British Pantomine called Merlin. That was very much comedy for the kids with some heavy pop culture influence. My oldest has done a little Dungeons and Dragons with me and so was down for some Arthurian themed knights and questing.

The little girl gave it a try but couldn’t handle it without a couple of tantrums. Tonight we were more prepared for how she would react and came prepared with snacks, stuffed animal, and a binky. She is doing much better though she is still very squirmy.

I will admit that my knowledge of Finnish myths comes entirely from the 1st edition AD&D Dieties & Demigods book (or was it Legends & Lore?) where the main hero of the pantheon has a magic sled that travels all over. In tonight’s performance he birthed himself from Ilmater and then rescued the sun and the moon from the witch who kidnapped them.

Our seats were a little nosebleedy but we could still see everything. Now, if we can just get the kids home and in bed before midnight then we’ll be golden. It is 11 now and we’re waiting for our train. What could go wrong?