Mixing Histories

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Been thinking about delving into the public domain for setting ideas. Fantasy does this all the time but that might be part of why the idea intrigues me.
The corner stone of the thought is the vague historical time period in which Renn Faires are set. King Arthur has gone off on the crusades in search of the Holy Grail. While he is gone, King John has gone off the rails forcing Robin Hood to defend the weak in Camelot. Sometimes from Grendel.

Friar Tuck is a worshipper of Dionysis because wine and Lancelot was once a member of the Musketeers. Long John Silver and other pirates sail the seas while trying to avoid Cthulhuian creatures.

Don Quiote like the Green Knight is a friend of the round table but his frequent trips to Wonderland and Oz have left him a little rattled. Not to mention his encounters with Dracula and Dr. Frankenstein’s various experiments.

Fairy tales ( Grimm, Anderson, 1001 Nights) are all up for grabs but drift into Disney territory. Peter Pan, King Kong, Sherlock Holmes, and Zorro might be in the public domain but there are people out there who make money by claiming they aren’t.