When all you have is a hammer

Fix It!
Fix It!
Yesterday I re-posted an article on Facebook from a friend. It honestly doesn’t much matter for the purposes of this story what the article was about, just a cool story about teenage journalists investigating their new Principal and discovering that the resume was more than a little bit ‘padded.’

I didn’t read the article at the time I re-posted it but I did go back later in the day to check that the headline hadn’t been a total fake out. It wasn’t. My problems began when I got to the bottom of the article. 

‘Never read the comments.’

I read the comments.  Just the first one to start.

It was a denouncement of the journalists for ruining their now ex-principals career. This was so far and away from the expected reaction that I had to read more to see if this was a common opinion. Thankfully it wasn’t.

What was surprisingly common was the political commentary. Yes, ok I should have seen the inevitable “Have these kids go after Trump/The Democrats next!” comments. Above and beyond that however were the people who felt that the villain of the article was clearly a member of the opposing team.

It is an epidemic tbat liberals can’t question the credentials of other liberals and that is how the new Principal snuck in. Alternatively it was clearly the greedy conservative administration cutting corners thus cuttig the funds necessary for people to do their jobs.

When all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail. When you are constantly looking at the world through the lens of liberalism vs conservatism then all you see are the different ‘teams’ and you miss the solutions to problems that could be solved with a screwdriver or compromise.