Getting on the Same Page

This is going to be a health check in sort of post. I’ve posted before about having mysterious health issues. I’ve been thinking about them more. Yesterday a coworker asked me what ever happened with that. It was also a year ago this month that I thought maybe I was having a kidney stone.

So what did ever happen with that? Basically I had a lot of blood tests for them to tell me the things that I didn’t have. Fortunately a bunch of serious things were ruled out and after the hematologist gave me a clean bill I stopped going back. Final diagnosis? Anxiety and ‘maybe some kind of virus’. Possibly the anxiety was caused by the virus. My spleen is still a little swollen and my blood pressure hasn’t gone back to normal.

One of the major concerns during all that was that my weight dropped.. like a lot without trying. Somewhere as I recovered that stopped happening and in fact my weight reversed course back up to the high water mark from when I got married almost 15 years ago.

The weight gain can’t be helping my blood pressure that’s for sure. I recieved a fitbit for father’s day a month ago and have been tracking my weight for several months. Perhaps once I’m lower I’ll feel comfortable sharing that graph.

This week both my wife and I started going back to the gym. She’s been generally better than me about going out running but with the higj temperatures we’ve both retreated indoors for our exercise. It has been good getting on the same page with her, texting pictures back and forth from our workouts and feeling more like a team together.

And in case you are wo dering about the picture, I hold nothing against NIH. They had nothing to do with my health struggles. I just knew I was planning on making a ‘health’ post and I’d also stopped by to donate a pint of blood so I had a bandaid on from the iron test. 14 point something iron (good) and 138 over 82 blood pressure (high normal – working on lowering it). No gym today!