Going with Pokemon

It has been a year now that my family has been playing Pokemon Go. There have been several events, the addition of Generation 2 pokemon, and most recently around the time of their one year anniversary there was an overhaul to the way the gyms worked.

In the old way gyms were rated 1 to 10 with higher rated gyms having more room for more pokemon. When you went in to fight the pokemon at the gym you started at the lowest powered opponent and worked your way up. Once you had fought your way into a gym you had one pull in a 21 hour period where you could collect coints for your placement. Usually if you were lower powered that meant throwing yourself into a gym by the skin of your teeth and collecting quickly before someone threw you out.

The new gyms have done away with the levels designating a standard 6 spots with a last-in first out policy. If you are the one who clears a gym for your team that usually means you’ll be the last of your team to be removed. Rather than remembering to collect your coins they are delivered to you automatically when your pokemon is kicked out with a maximum of 50 coins per day.

In practice for me the new system means that I can put a pokemon into the local gym at night while I’m walking the dog and when the poor thing gets kicked out the next day I’ll collect my max 50 coins. 

In addition it means that you don’t have to be top dog to get your pokemon into a gym and you can afford to be playful with some of your battling choices. For instance in the new gym that sprang up close to me there is a pink theme. Twice now I have seen all pink Pokemon in this gym and it just makes me want to join in. The Clefable in this picture is my addition. Right after I took this screen shot someone walked by and added a Slowpoke.

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  1. I was loving Pokemon Go while I was fully mobile but the arrival of walking difficulties meant I stopped playing. That’s when the new gym features came in and now I’ve lost the thread of what’s happening. I might pick it up again in the future but for now, I’ve taken it off my phone. In fact, it probably would be good to take up Pokemon hunting again once I’m more active. It’s a great, fun way to keep fit.

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