Great Day at Work

I’m going to talk about this in somewhat vague terms because it is work related and the higher ups really don’t want all of their business out there for public consumption. That and most of the time people just kind of look at me funny when I try to explain to them what I do anyways.

So to start I am an IT guy. People don’t really pay you just to use computers all day so I use them to get different systems to talk to the accounting database. For about ten or so years I had been doing that as a member of the finance department. Last year in a fit of anxiety (as I’ve recently talked about) I decided to look around at my options see what opportunities the company had.

The IT department made me an offer which was pretty great and included a lot of learning potential. Shortly after I accepted the position my old boss left to go work on a pretty cool project. Cue me screaming in the rain “Take me with you!”

He didn’t and I’ve been trying to get a peek behind the curtain ever since. Especially with some teasing hints from my new boss that they had plans for me to be involved at some point.

In the mean time I’ve been puting time in partially with three different groups. The applications dept, the infrastructure dept, and the accounting dept with periodic glimpses at the secret project. It sounds confusing but really I have more or less carved out a space for myself that sits in a weird overlap. Add to that a reorg of the IT department currently in the works and it is just me doing my thing.

So today there was a meeting that involved overlapping into the new project. 4:00 to 5:30 was the scheduled meeting. I left the office at 6:35. I would complain but this is exactly what I want to be working on AND I got to take point on developing the next steps. There may be no journal entries as I fill my commute time with other fun things.