Nostalgia for LiveJournal

LiveJournal is still around. It was purchased by a Russian company and a lot of the active users are running Russian Language blogs but it still exists. Interestingly the same goes for ICQ but I wouldn’t even know how to begin getting my login credentials back for that.

I don’t really want to go back to LiveJournal. At the time that I left it was starting to get advertisement heavy and most of my friends had most recent posts that that said “Sorry I’ve been gone so long but I’m back now.” and were over a year old.

What I miss is the culture of journaling which is different from blogging. There is something formal and on topic about blogging where as with jouralling you are writing about your thoughts and events in your life. If that plays against your personal brand then cool. If not then oh well.

I personally have become much too consciius of the fact that people have brands both through blogs that I have read TV shows like the Next Food Network Star where they are explicitly trying to help the contestants build a brand and play against it.

I have tried over time to do that with my social media presence and I’ve gotten bored of it each time. I have walked away from certain sites because I could no longer stomach selling myself to an audience in a way that felt fullfilling to me.

What I want is to write. Write in a way that not only allows me to express my thoughts but in a way that encourages me to have new thoughts. And to keep engaged instead of floatimg through my life.

But right now I am just off the train and need to walk to work.

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  1. I fully agree. One of the reasons why I always shied away from blogging was because it felt soulless. I didn’t give up the corporate world so I could become a glorified salesperson. I believe if a blog should be anything, it should start by being personal. So now that I’m blogging again on a regular basis, I’m choosing the products I write about, mixing it up with stories about my life and promoting my books all in one space. There’s a lot of me in my blog and I kind of switch off from these generic sites that are just ads, ads, ads. And sponsored posts. And sycophantic reviews.

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