Weekend Adventures

As a general rule we try to keep ourselves busy if only to help keep the kids from becoming addicted to the television. Saturday we found ourselves with some unscheduled time… no games, sewing events, birthday parties, or whatever. So of course it was the perfect day for an adventure.
In preparation we packed up the a cooler with sandwiches, snacks, and water bottles the night before. In the morning we made quick stops for gas, ice for the cooler, and starbucks for the soul. Then we were off.

Our destination was Cunningham Falls State Park. We currently have a ‘free park pass’ because my son is in 4th grade but we totally forgot it at home. So we lost $5 per person not currently using a booster seat.

Having managed to get out the door surprisingly early for us… we arrived with time to take a hike over to the falls. There are two paths and we chose the easier but longer one primarily because my wife was carrying the little one in the new heavier weight limit backpack. Even with it being ‘longer’ the hike was still relatively short.

As the member of the family who doesn’t deal well with heights I took the little girl climbing around the rocks at the base of the falls while the other two made it up to the top of the falls. That isn’t to say my daughter didn’t want to climb. In fact she is quite good at it and I had to pull her off the rock face a couple of times.

As a compromise I found a little side path that got us higher up the falls and the only thing that could  onvince my daughter back down was the promise of lunch. I feel I should also recognize that my son was big on rock climbing for a while and while it is less his thing the lessons from that time have stuck with him. Either that or both my children are part mountain goat.

Back at the lake we unpacked an early lunch and got changed into our swimsuits. I reccomend travelling in your suits because the public restrooms were not pleasant. Always the worst part of any camp ground. I’m also not a lake person. It was fine taking the kids in swimming but I don’t find the experience rejuvinating the way I do when I step into the ocean.

We put in an hour and a half or so at the lake before we were ready to go. We had other adventures after all. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Half way across the parking lot the sky opened up and we laughed as we made a run for the safety of the car.

The rain had mostly stopped by the time we made it to our next stop.  It was a farm with giant welded robots, a massive tee-pee, and according to the sign there were corn mazes and pumpkin launchings in the fall. Unfortunately we arrived during the summer while it was closed for the season. Still, one of the giant robots was standing and that was cool to see.

Our adventures continued when we returned home to find half the power was out in our home… including the kitchen. Back out we went for tex-mex. And then when we returned after that and all the lights were out and the ele trical guys were in front of the building we went back out AGAIN for Ice Cream.

Power was still out when we came home.for the final time that evening but fortunately we were only a little bit into bedtime stories by lantern when all the power came back on.

Sunday was a little calmer wwith our usual trip to the farmer’s market. It was followed by a walk over to the comic book store (I’m trying to catch up on AstroCity) and then we wandered around town trying to capture some pokemon in Pokemon Go. This culminated in my wife and son joining up with a group of 20-somethings hoping to take down Articuno. They did defeat the bird but failed to capture it.

Back at home I was able to get in one load of laundry while cupcakes were made for Uncle Brian’s birthday. Later that evening I got video footage of Uncle Briam successfully navigating one of Grammie’s infamous birthday candle puzzles. 

Ok, Sunday wasn’t as big of an adventure as Saturday but adventure was out there to be had!